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R Demonstration for Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative

This website hosts training materials for the R demonstrations first delivered by Applied Epi to 40 Rollins COVID-19 Epidemiology fellows and colleagues from the Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative in August 2021.
Links to the video recordings are available below and on our YouTube channel.

Applied Epi

Applied Epi is the non-profit organization that wrote the Epidemiologist R Handbook, a free R reference manual for applied epidemiology and public health which has been used by 50,000 people around the world.

Contact to schedule R demonstrations, interactive training sessions, Intro-to-R workshops, or to subscribe to “help desk” support services from R experts who know applied epi!

The Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative

The Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative is an initiative led by the Emory Rollins School of Public Health in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Public Health (GDPH). Its mission is to provide academic support to state and local health department partners during the COVID-19 crisis. One of its seminal programs is the Rollins Epidemiology Fellows Program, a 2-year fellowship designed to attract, place and support early-career epidemiologists across Georgia’s 18 health districts and GDPH. With assistance from ECRC leadership and the Fulton County Board of Health, Applied Epi designed this tailored training session to build the fellows’ analytic capabilities in R through examples tailored to their applied needs in preparing jurisdictional COVID-19 outbreak reports and maps.

Training materials

The links below contain all of the materials used for the course. See our Github repository for more detail:

Session 1: Case study walk-through - data cleaning and analytic workflow in an R markdown report

Session 2: Data visualization with ggplot2

Please note that all these training materials use fake example data in which no person is identifiable and the actual values have been scrambled.

Video recordings

Session 1: Data cleaning and analytic workflow (13th August 2021)

Session 2: Data visualization with ggplot (20th August 2021)


Instructors and authors from Applied Epi included:

Many thanks to the Fulton County Board of Health, that provided example data (anonymized and scrambled) for the case study.

Representatives from the Emory COVID-19 Response Collaborative included:

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